About us

Connecting with Communities through Locality Planning

Promoting health and wellbeing and how we are joining up health and social care across our communities is at the heart of our Locality Planning arrangements.  We are working with all of our partners through Integrated Health & Social Care arrangements to tackle the challenges in respect of health and wellbeing across the seven identified localities in Fife.

Our Performance

Our four key Strategic Plan themes are:

  1. Prevention and Early Intervention
  2. Integrated and Co-ordinated Care
  3. Improving Mental Health Services
  4. Reducing Inequalities.

These link directly to the nine Health & Social Care National Health and Well-being Outcomes.

Engaging with communities and our staff

Engagement with is key to everything that we do.  We have a variety of different communication strands to keep communities and staff up to date with current innovations and practice.  These range from newsletters, face to face dialogue with teams and items on social media and the intranet and internet.