Nicky Connor Prof4

Nicky Connor

Director, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership
Fiona Mckay Prof

Fiona Mckay

Head of Strategic Performance, Planning & Commissioning
Audrey Valente Prof

Audrey Valente

Chief Finance Officer
Lisa Cooper Prof

Lisa Cooper

Head of Primary and Preventative Care
Lynne Garvey Prof

Lynne Garvey

Head of Community Care Services
Jillian Torrens

Jillian Torrens

Head of Complex and Critical Care Services
Helen Hellewell Prof

Dr Helen Hellewell

Deputy Medical Director
Lynn Barker Prof

Lynn Barker

Director of Nursing
Roy Lawrence Prof

Roy Lawrence

Principal Lead for Organisational Development and Culture
Jennifer Rezendes Prof Pic

Jennifer Rezendes

Principal Social Work Officer