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Health & Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) are required to produce and deliver strategic plans every three years and have recently refreshed their Strategic Plan for Fife 2019-2022, therefore we are continuously in a cycle of planning, implementing and reviewing our work.  As locality planning matures, locality planning groups will inform this ongoing cycle to reflect and respond to local need.  Locality Planning will be evidenced within priority one of the refreshed Strategic Plan but will span all five priorities.

Our vision sets the strategic direction for our work:

‘To enable the people of Fife to live independent and healthier lives’

Our mission is to work with individuals and communities, using our collective resources effectively, transforming how we provide services to ensure these are safe, timely, effective, high quality and based on achieving personal outcomes.

We want everyone in Fife – of whatever age – to thrive and live well. Our work in Localities is essential to make that happen.

The seven locality areas are:

We want Localities to improve population health outcomes and reduce inequalities through targeted interventions, by:

  • Supporting people to successfully manage their own health and wellbeing.
  • Reducing the number of people who have heart disease, stroke or diabetes.
  • Reducing pressures on GPs, so that clinical need is not overtaken by social need.
  • Reducing unnecessary emergency admissions to hospital.
  • Ageing well in the community.

Putting the needs of people and communities first will bring together GPs, hospitals, health workers, social care staff, voluntary and independent care providers, in the seven localities, and will share information to help plan and deliver services.

The Journey

An important part of Fife Health & Social Care Integration is the creation of Localities, bringing decision making about Health & Social Care local priorities closer to communities.  The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 puts in place the legislative framework to integrate health and social care services in Scotland.  Section 29(3)(a) of the Act requires each Integration Authority to establish at least two localities within its area.

Our understanding of our seven localities across Fife is taken from:

Saw the completion of the first phase of the Locality Planning Wider Stakeholder events and the identification of initial priorities for each locality.  Locality Planning Wider Stakeholder Groups are made up of representatives of all key stakeholders and have contributed to the development of agreed priorities for each locality.

Saw the completion of the second phase with the implementation of Locality Planning Core Groups across the seven areas and delivery of the agreed priorities within each of the localities, in partnership with communities, professionals and individuals.  Locality Planning Core Groups are made up of key local professionals, practitioners and people who use services, who are responsible for the delivery of the agreed priorities on behalf of their locality.

Saw us move into phase three, where Core Groups report back to their Wider Stakeholder Groups, highlighted the refreshed strategic plan and refreshed data, reported on what was delivered and explored with them the next steps, with the aim of each locality plan being refreshed by the end of 2019.

Although we had to pause all of our Core Group work and meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, work has still been happening in the background virtually with our Chairs and Senior Leadership Team.  September through November saw us finalising our refreshed locality plans, focussing in on work that we can realistically remobilise through 2020/2021, taking into account the Covid-19 restrictions that we are all now dealing with.

We have now remobilised our seven H&SC Locality Planning Core Groups and Plans.  The groups met during May/June 2022, to update members on the progress of priorities that continued to take place across their locality during Covid-19, but also helped to focus conversations around the priorities that were paused during that period and whether those priorities were still relevant.

This current locality planning cycle will finish at the end of the year and we will look to refresh the Priority Plans for the 2022/23 planning cycle.

Going forward until December 2022 we will:

  • Host Short Life Working Groups across our localities that will focus on some of those paused priorities
  • Host a further round of Core Group meetings throughout September 2022
  • Host our Wider Stakeholder Events throughout November 2022, where we will look to refresh our Priority Plans, based on local engagement and data intelligence from the localities.

For further information on the current priorities within your locality, click on the appropriate locality hyperlink above.

Want to know more?

There’s a page for each of the seven Health and Social Care Localities where information and updates will be posted.

Also why not take a look at our recent HSCP Localities Newsletter.

Need to speak to someone?

Jacquie Stringer, Locality Planning Co-ordinator

Heather Gibson, Locality Development Co-ordinator