There are over 35,000 unpaid carers in Fife - they look after friends or family affected by illness, disability, mental health or addiction.

We want to recognise the huge contribution they make.

Community Chest for Fife Carers funds projects set up by local groups or charities to create supportive places for these unpaid carers, develop their sense of belonging and improve their wellbeing.

The funding is available to any community group or charity based in Fife, who can apply for up to £10,000 per project, for up to two years.

Projects and local initiatives that Community Chest might be used to fund include:

  • Local carers café, supper clubs, coffee mornings, warm venues
  • Carers art and crafts clubs or projects
  • Shared allotment or gardening projects 
  • Sports and fitness initiatives including carers walking or cycling clubs, swimming clubs, golf groups 
  • Creative cooking classes
  • Creative reading and writing groups or book clubs
  • Music and singing lessons
  • Locality theatre group
  • Creation of a new local carers support group

Applications are currently closed.

For further information on how to apply, email