People from different communities experience life in different ways, with a wide range of contrasting health needs. Connecting with communities to hear their views on how we can reshape and transform services to benefit them and future generations remains at the centre of change.  

From Inverkeithing to Tayport, Levenmouth to Kincardine, local community groups, public sector, Third sector and Independent sector representatives are getting round the table with health and social care professionals to ask – ‘how can we work better together?’  Click on the short video to find out more.

This grassroots approach is being taken by Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership as part of a drive to transform health and social care services. These services must be able to support the needs of people as they live longer, with more complex conditions, whilst fulfilling their ambition to stay independent and at home.

An important part of the Health and Social Care Integration Legislation includes the creation of Localities with Locality Plans as a way of bringing decision making about Health and Social care Services closer to communities allowing decisions to be made by communities and those working in them about health and social care priorities and how these can be addressed.

So what has happened so far?


The Christie Commission Report said “… effective services must be designed with and for people and communities – not delivered “top down‟ for administrative convenience‟.


The Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act 2014 Section 29(3)(a) requires that each Integration Authority establishes at least 2 localities within its area.

Recognising that no one community is the same, the partnership of NHS Fife and Fife Council Social Care sought the views of people living and working in Fife on the proposal to plan services across seven localities.   The conclusion of the consultation was to establish 7 Health and Social Care Locality Planning areas which mirror the existing GP Clusters, Area Committees and Local Community Planning areas within Fife:

  1. North East Fife (takes in the Howe, Cupar, Taybridgehead, St Andrews and East Neuk)
  2. Glenrothes (takes in Thornton, Kinglassie and Leslie)
  3. Kirkcaldy (takes in Burntisland and Kinghorn)
  4. Levenmouth (takes in West Wemyss, Buckhaven, Methil, Methilhill, Kennoway and Leven)
  5. City of Dunfermline
  6. South West Fife (takes in Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay, Rosyth, Kincardine, Oakley and Saline) Cowdenbeath (takes in Benarty, Ballingry, Lochgelly, Kelty, Crossgates, Hill of Beath and Cardenden)

July 2015

Scottish Government guidance sets out what localities are for, the principles upon which they should be established, and the ethos under which they should operate. The Aims of Health and Social Care Locality Planning:

  • To establish ways of working by providing a mechanism for local leadership of service planning.
  • To work more closely with communities to improve outcomes for local people.
  • To build resilience in communities.
  • To use data for qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation.

November 2016

The Health and Social Care Partnership’s statutory Strategic Planning Group formed a small working group to support the planning and implementation of localities.

March 2017

Seven Health and Social Care Locality Profiles were developed for each area from data that NHS Fife provides to the Scottish Government.  These profiles will be used to inform and influence the resulting Locality Plans.

March – May 2017

In early 2017 we held a ‘Creating Healthy Communities’ engagement event in each of our seven localities. Stakeholders included:

  • People using and accessing health & social care services
  • GP’s who have a key role in providing and coordinating care in local communities
  • Primary and Secondary care teams
  • Social care colleagues and Third Sector providers
  • Community Planning Partners, including schools, colleges, police, fire, roads, transport and waste collection
  • Housing sector representatives


600 people attended in total. We sought views and opinions on how services can be improved in each local area and how people can get involved to inform and shape change.

“Need to make it real for communities and people working on the ground.”

Event attendee

“There needs to be a ‘localised’ point of contact where people can speak to someone face to face and access the right service at the right time.”    Event attendee

In the future, there will be seven Health and Social Care Locality Planning Groups, one for each area. These will provide the forum for communities, professionals and individuals to work together to identify the key issues in their locality and develop a Health and Social Care Locality Plan to address these. This will inform service redesign and improvement in each local area and across Fife as a whole.

Want to know more?

There’s a page for each of the seven Health and Social Care Localities where information and updates will be posted.

Terms of Reference and Governance arrangements for Health and Social Care Locality Planning Groups are being developed.  Once finalised they will be available on our Publications page.

Need to speak to someone?

Tracy Harley, Locality Planning Co-ordinator

Tel: 03451 55 55 55 ext 443854


Heather Gibson, Locality Development Co-ordinator

Tel:  03451 555555 Ext 447016