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What is the Well?

The Well is a place where you can drop-in, both in your community and online and find out information and receive general advice to help you stay well and independent within your local community.

The Well allows you to speak to Health and Social Care professionals and discuss what’s important to you regarding your health and wellbeing. Here you are directed to support that best meet your needs. Our friendly, well-informed staff will support you to access a wide range of information that promotes your health and wellbeing. The Wells bring together those who know all about health and social care in your local community such as Local Area Coordinators, Social Work, Social Security Benefits and a range of other community, health and social care staff. At the Wells you will have a good conversation about what matters to you, whether this is about living a healthier lifestyle, having meaningful activities or living independently in your own home.


We can help you:

  • explore all the local activities and groups you might be interested in
  • apply for a community alarm
  • if you are feeling lonely and isolated
  • with your physical and mental health
  • complete different forms
  • join a local group
  • with housing enquiries
  • contact a local service/health professional on your behalf
  • explore local support organisation
  • if you are worried about financial issues
  • if you are experiencing a bereavement
  • gain support as a carer
  • and much more

The Well: Working together to better support people to achieve what matters to them.

How to reach us?

The Wells are working both virtually and in within the communities of Fife.

You can contact us in a number of ways

The Well Near Me

Video calls us

03451 551500

Phone us

The Well

a face-to-face chat in your community

How do I refer?

If you are working with a client, who will benefit from speaking to us about their health and wellbeing, you can refer them by completing the referral form

The Wells across Fife

Dunfermline Wells

Duloch Leisure Centre

Nightingale Pl, Dunfermline KY11 8LW
every Monday 12.30pm to 2.30pm

North Parish Church
Golfdrum St, Dunfermline KY12 8DG
every 3rd Monday of the month
12.30 - 2.30pm

(from 17th October)

Glenrothes Well
Peace 'n' Jam at St. Luke's
Nianan Quadrant, Glenrothes, KY7 4BL

every Tuesday 12.30 - 2.30pm

High Valleyfield Well
Valleyfield Community Centre, St. Chapel High Valleyfield KY12 8SJ
every Friday 10am to 12noon

Kirkcaldy Well
St. Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy KY1 1ET
every Thursday 10am to 12noon

Leven Well
Forth Street Hall, Forth Street, Leven KY8 4PF
every Wednesday 10am to 12noon

Lochore Well
Rosewell Centre, 2 Ballingry Rd, Lochore KY5 8ET
every Thursday 10am to 12noon

St. Andrews Well
NEF Community Hub St. David's Centre, 47 Albany Park, St Andrews KY16 8BP
every Tuesday 11am to 1pm

Cupar Well
Community Voice
19 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HA
every Wednesday 1pm to 3pm
(from 12th October)

The Well Near Me

The Well Near Me allows you to have a video conversation with our staff from your own home. All you need is a device for making video calls (smartphone, tablet, laptop), internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) and Chrome or Safari Internet Browser.

You can join our Well Near Me Waiting Room to speak to a staff member on things that matter to you. Just click on “START VIDEO CALL” button below every Wednesday and Thursday - 10am to 12noon

From Monday 3rd October, our Well Near Me Waiting area will be open Monday and Tuesday 1pm to 3pm and Wednesday to Friday 10am to 12noon

Start video call

You can also request a virtual Well appointment by email with your name, phone number, suitable time and a brief explanation of the topic you wish to discuss

The Well Near Me can also offer a BSL interpreter. If you require a BLS interpreter you must book an appointment via the above email, or SMS 07984 356580.

For more information on Near Me, please visit: or

The Well Near Me How To Use Leaflet

Benefits to visiting The Well

Who can use The Well? Anyone over the age of 16.

Visiting The Well? No Appointment is needed! You can pop along to The Well in your local area or online for a chat.

For more information, please contact

The Wells Coordinator Aleks Atanasova at

Additional information

  • If you are looking for local groups, clubs or activities near you why don't you visit On Your Doorstep Fife