The Wells are closed until further notice

To ensure that the impact of coronavirus is managed in a way that limits the risks to the general public, we are closing The Wells until further notice. (updated 17.03.2020)

What is the Well?

a treeThe Well is a venue where you can drop-in and find out information and receive general advice to help you stay well and independent within your local community.


The Wells are established across Fife as places where you can go to be listen to,  have a conversation about what’s important to you regarding your health and wellbeing. Here you are directed to support that best meet your needs. Our friendly, well-informed staff will support you to access a wide range of information that promotes your health and wellbeing.

The Wells bring together those who know all about health and social care in your local community such as Local Area Coordinators, Housing Officers, Social Work, Social Security Benefits and a range of other community, health and social care staff.

At the Wells you will have a good conversation about what matters to you, whether this is about living a healthier lifestyle, having meaningful activities or living independently in your own home.

We can help you to:

  • complete a re-housing application, update a re-housing application
  • explore all the local activities and groups you might be interested in
  • apply for a community alarm
  • complete different forms
  • join a local group
  • contact a local service/health professional on your behalf
  • explore local support organisation
  • find volunteering opportunities
  • find out about Meal Makers
  • gain support as a carer
  • and many more

The Well: Working together to better support people to achieve what matters to them.

Benefits to visiting The Well:

  • A face-to-face conversation with our friendly staff.
  • Staff local to your area, helping you to find the information and support that you need.
  • Access to finding out information and support that promotes your health and wellbeing, helping you to stay well and independent within your local community.

Who can use The Well?
Anyone over the age of 16.

Visiting The Well?
No Appointment is needed! You can pop along to The Well in your local area for a cuppa and a chat.
If you want we can make arrangements for you to chat in a private confidential space.

The Wells across Fife:

all of the Wells locations and times

The Wells across Fife

The Wells are holiding Pop-Ups across Fife:

The Well Pop-ups across Fife

For more information, please contact:

Aleks Atanasova
03451 55 55 55 EXT 445347

Additional information:

The Well Poster

Wellbeing Point
Fife Health & Social Care Partnership believes in supporting people to look after and improve their own health and wellbeing and live in good health for longer. The Wellbeing Point is an online signposting tool that can quickly, clearly and easily signpost to local and national health and wellbeing information.

This tool was developed with Penumbra SDS Project (a Scottish mental health charity), funded by the Scottish Government.

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