Are you an unpaid carer? Do you know someone who is?  Do you (or they) need a wee bit of support and advice ? 

Many people in Fife will care for a relative, friend or neighbour at some point in their life. Some research suggests that as many as 70% of us will take an unpaid caring role at some time.  Some carers need information, advice and support to help them to manage their caring role. There is a range of help available for you, as a carer, and for the person you care for.

Caring for another person can be a demanding and sometimes difficult.  It can help to get professional support and share experiences and ideas with other people in the same situation.

There is support available in Fife - to support what’s right for you, your family and the person or people you care for.

We can help you to:

  • Prepare an individually tailored carer support plan to help you manage your caring role and meet your personal outcomes.  This is called an Adult Carer Support Plan.  For young carers (generally under 18 years young) this is a Young Carers Statement.
  • Prepare an Emergency Plan in the event you are no longer able to continue with your caring role.
  • Refer you to specialist partner organisations who can provide advice and guidance on your caring role.
  • Advice on respite care so you can take a short break from caring.
  • Arrange for adaptations around the home of the person you care for.
  • Request an assessments of the care needs for of the person you care for such as for a home carer or meals on wheels.

Every carer has the right to an assessment of their need just as much as the person that they are caring for. If you would like more information then your local Social Work Office can help you.  The Fife Carers Centre can also help put you in touch with a range of services.