We want being registered with the SSSC to be simple, easy to understand and for people to know about the benefits and value of being registered and the standards, skills and qualifications needed to deliver high quality care.

Here’s what you need to know about the changes:

I’m registered with the SSSC, will I need to apply again when the changes come into force?

No, you will not need to apply for registration again. We will make all the necessary changes and let you know when this happens. We will contact everyone on our Register to let you know your new Register part(s).

How do I know what my service type and level of job role should be on the new Register?

If you are already registered, we’ll move you to the new corresponding part of the Register.

For example, if you are registered as a practitioner in a day care of children service, we’ll move you to the part for ‘children and young people workforce’ with a service type of ‘day care of children service’ at the level of job role ‘practitioner’.

The Changes to the Register table shows the detail of the current and new Register parts.

Will my registration date change?

No, your date of registration will stay the same. This is the date of your original registration if you have not been off the Register for any periods of time.

Will my fees change?

Your fee will be the same, based on the service type and level of job role of work you do. Your fee would only change if your role requires you to move to a different level of job role.

What is the annual declaration and what do I need to do?

To maintain your registration, you must complete an annual declaration around the time of your registration date. You’ll be able to do this in your MySSSC account.

You’ll need to confirm your personal and employment details or provide updated details and pay your annual fee. This replaces the previous five yearly registration renewal.

What if I have a qualification condition?

If you are already registered, the time you have to gain your qualification won’t change.

What if my job involves working with children and adults?

If you are working in a service registered to deliver care to adults and children, you’ll be registered on the social care workforce and the children and young people workforce parts of the Register. We’ll make these changes for everyone already on the Register.

I am a social worker but also work in residential childcare. Do I still need to register on both parts?

Yes, the social worker Register part is for people who hold a recognised social work qualification but if you are working in a residential childcare service, you also need to register on the children and young people workforce part.

Will I need to apply for a different part of the Register if I change jobs?

For most changes you would only need to tell us your new level of job role, any changes to your place of work and your new employer, if that also changes.

However, if you are moving from working with adults to children, for example, you would need to come off one part of the Register and apply for another.

In these circumstances you’d have three months from starting your new role to apply for the new Register part.

I’m registered on two different parts of the Register – housing support and care at home. Will I still have two separate registrations?

No, you will be registered on the social care workforce part. This includes people working in housing support, care at home, adult care home or adult day care.

You still need to tell us all the services you are working in.

What new information will be published on the Register on the SSSC website and why?

We currently publish fitness to practise information on a separate part of the SSSC website from the Register. We want to improve the publicly available Register so information is easy to find, in one place and promotes our aim of protecting and upholding public confidence.

The table in the 'Changes to the Register search on the SSSC website' section below outlines the changes to the Register on our website.

To find out more please visit: Registration is changing - Scottish Social Services Council (sssc.uk.com)

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