Transforming Care After Treatment (TCAT)

Dermatology Melanoma Project

Transforming Care After Treatment (TCAT)

The Melanoma TCAT Project in Fife has developed a support programme for Melanoma Skin Cancer Patients.

All melanoma patients followed up in Fife have a ‘link nurse’. This is a local dermatology nurse who acts as a direct link between the patient, the dermatology department and other specialities involved in melanoma patient care.

The role of the dermatology skin cancer link nurse (dSCLN) has been developed as part of the TCAT project and patients now alternate their review appointments between their Consultant and the dSCLN. Appointments with the dSCLN are longer than consultant appointments allowing time for a holistic needs assessment (HNA) to be completed to ensure all areas of care are covered.

Collaborative work between the dSCLN and Fife Council LACs has allowed the production of a directory of services which can be used to signpost patients who highlight concerns on their HNA.   This work across the NHS and social care has improved the knowledge of staff as to what is available which in turn benefits all our patients