This project is designed to support people to return home from hospital as quickly and as safely as possible with a care at home service which is tailored to their needs. Evidence has shown that people leaving hospital initially require significant input, but once home and stabilised this is often no longer required and the package of care can be reduced.

This service is delivered by Fife Health & Social Care internal Care At Home Team, Avenue Care Services and Care Watch. 

An assessment will be completed by a professional from the START team or your GP and will make the request for the service.  You cannot access this service directly.


In less than a year, the service has reduced the number of delayed discharges for those waiting for home care packages. The initial pilot saw a small group of front-line home carers bringing people, resident in Kirkcaldy, home quickly from the Victoria Hospital.

This is now Fife wide, working in partnership with Independent care providers. Not only are we getting people home quickly but we’re getting the right support for people in place, adjusting care packages to suit individual needs as they move through the enablement period.