This model is delivered jointly between Fife Health and Social Care Partnership and external Care Home providers. The Service gives encouragement, support, skills and independence needed for people to return to/stay in their own home by offering tailored support in a care home for a short period of time. These Intermediate care units enable patients to be discharged to a registered care home from hospital, or admitted into an intermediate care placement to prevent admission to hospital as part of a journey of returning to their own home and community.  

An assessment will be completed by a health and social care professional or by your GP, who will decide with you if STAR is the right service for you.  You cannot access this service directly.

This model was first implemented within Alan McLure Care Home in Glenrothes and evidence has shown that this has been a model which has supported people to return home with support following a period of care.

Case study:

Emily Brown (anonymised) – STAR Unit Alan McLure House

Emily came to the STAR Unit from hospital where she had been admitted with some dizziness, risk of falling and nutritional issues. She is in her nineties, lives alone at home, supported by her two daughters and had no services other than a wrist-worn falls detector. Emily’s daughters noted that they had potentially been ‘taking over’ and that their mum was capable of more than they had thought. After a short stay in the STAR unit Emily returned home with a support plan in place as indepedently as possible in her own home.