The On Your Doorstep Fife community website gives staff and the public access to information about what services, resources, activities and groups are available within their local community. Information also includes guidance on ways in which they can take more choice and control over their care needs, such as Self Directed Support as well how they can get involved in groups to improve their well-being, activities such as the Bums Off Seats walking programme. This hub of information can help people make choices about their lives, to help improve their health and wellbeing and a sense of “belonging” to their local community. There are currently 1700 organisations and groups listed on the website and the diversity of the information makes it appealing to people of all ages and interests.

“This site is so easy to use. We can tell people with confidence that they will find what they are looking for here.”

Vivienne McNiven, Bums off Seats Programme Co-ordinator