Can you help improve mental health and wellbeing support in Fife?

Can you help improve mental health and wellbeing support in Fife? If so, please read on.

The Fife Health and Social Care Partnership is undertaking a five-year programme of work to plan and strengthen mental health and wellbeing services in communities across Fife.

To help us do that, we will work with stakeholders including those who use, plan and deliver services and support, to further understand these issues and to develop implementation plans where they are needed, through a process known as co-production.

This approach will make sure we understand what matters to people in terms of their values, outcomes and experiences and it will be integral to shaping how services are designed and delivered.

In September 2022, the project board set out a vision for ‘an integrated community-based system which supports mental health and wellbeing, ensures access to the right service in the right place at the right time, and enables people to live independent and healthier lives.’

As a first step to start to think about what changes might be needed, we need to understand what ‘the right service in the right place at the right time’ means to people, and how community-based services can best support people who are living with mental health and wellbeing challenges.

Why are we asking you to get involved?

We want to get it right for people and you have a vital role to play in the future shape and delivery of our services. Although no decisions have been made yet, it’s important any changes that are to be made are co-produced between people who use, plan and deliver services in the different areas of Fife.

In that way we will combine everyone’s knowledge, skills, and experience, in equal partnership, to make changes that can achieve the best outcomes for people and make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.

The project board decided that for the first year (2023-2024), co-production activity would be focused in three localities – Cowdenbeath, Levenmouth and North East Fife, with the remaining four localities (Dunfermline, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and South West Fife) taking part in year two (2024-25).

What will be asked of you?

As you are someone who lives or works in one of the localities which has been prioritised for this work in year one, we would like to invite you to share your insight into what matters to people who are living with mental health and wellbeing challenges and the changes that could make a difference to people through events that we will be organising.

These events will be co-facilitated and supported by a team of people, including people who have lived experience of mental health and wellbeing challenges, and will involve several different activities to help you share your experience.  Sessions will last between three to four hours.

Attend online

Thursday 11th January 1-4pm

Managers are encouraged to attend our events and/or to nominate and facilitate their staff's attendance at events.  Please share this invite between relevant colleagues.

Other options

If you are unable to attend the above event or would prefer to share your views differently, you can complete our questionnaire.  Please use the link below to request this. We will be continuing conversations through 2024 if you would like to be involved please use the link to register your interest

Further information on data protection: