Why we need to change the way we provide services

Here in Fife, like the rest of Scotland, the systems of health and social care have evolved over the decades.

People are living longer and this means we now have more very old people, some of whom have more complex health and social care needs.

To meet these demands, we need to adapt how we do things and change our ways of working.

We simply can’t stay the same.

We need to join care across communities and hospital services. This will allow us to continue to respond to people’s physical, emotional and social needs – day and night. This includes people’s wish to stay independent and at home for as long as they can.

We know that what will work for some people may not be ideal for others. So we know we don’t have an easy job in front of us.  It’s our job is to make sure you get the right care, from the right person at the right time, in the right place. Whether your child is sick and you need some medical advice after the GP practice has closed, or you, or someone you care for, is ill or recovering from an injury and needs round the clock care.

We must also listen and respond to our own members of staff and the increasing pressures they face. We’re fully aware that different communities have different needs.

The future of Fife’s integrated care involves all of us.

What we need from you

We now want your views on the three parts:

  1. Community Health and Wellbeing Hubs : a more joined up approach to your care
  2. Out of Hours Urgent Care Redesign : a more sustainable way of responding out of hours
  3. Community Hospital and Intermediate Care Bed Redesign : Helping people stay independent for longer and avoid hospital admissions

We outline and explain these in these pages and in our Joining Up Care Summary. Once you know more about our proposals, we’re asking you to complete a questionnaire to tell us your views.

You can tell us your views from 2nd July to 8th October 2018.

What happens once we’ve consulted?

We’ll gather all the feedback we receive and review it at our meeting in October 2018.

We’ll take your views into account before we make any final decisions about how we provide health and social care in Fife.

Your views will help us make the right decisions for you, the community where you live, and for people across Fife.

Now you have an overview, take time to visit each of section of this Joining Up Care page where you will find more information.  Please read this before completing the questionnaire.

Thank you for helping us join up care in Fife.