If you have been in hospital, or had a trip or fall in your own home, you can now regain strength and independence with the help of the intermediate care team.

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Intermediate Care

Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers and Therapy Assistants work together with you to support recovery.  The aim is to help you return home with a level of independence that ensures you will remain safe and well for as long as possible.

An assessment will be completed by a professional from the Intermediate Care team or the GP, who will decide with you if Intermediate Care is the right service for you and will make the request for the service.  You cannot access this service directly.

They will discuss any difficulties you are having and will plan with you a way of making it easier to manage things such as washing and dressing, making meals or moving about at home and outdoors. This can be for a few days or a number of weeks depending on your needs.

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