In Fife we have two Local Area Co-ordinators (LACs) – Sharon Breeze and Mary Lynch. The LACs role is to visit people at home, to discuss hopes and concerns, provide support by linking into community services and to help with a personalised care plans.

Mary explains: “We work with people affected by cancer. This could be the person and/or carer. We usually meet them at their home, however, we can meet somewhere else if it’s more suitable for the person.

“We establish what matters to the person and identify concerns.  We agree what the person can do, and what we will do, then, create a care plan.

“We link the person into community resources – sometimes by physically taking them to a place, thus removing a barrier. This enables and empowers the person as they are making the decisions.”

Since April 2016 there have been 200 referrals to the service, including carers.

Mary Lynch

Sharon Breeze









One person using the TCAT service said:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. After treatment finished I felt very alone and vulnerable and didn’t like or recognise myself. I had lost all my hair and confidence…as we talked she made me realise I was not alone and was there for me.….it is very important to me as I wanted to help myself get back to everyday living….I am doing a lot better now, slowly getting my confidence back and take each day at a time….I’m in a better place right now thanks to the help of the TCAT Project”.