The Front Door Support Discharge Service was set up in July 2016 and is available for patients presenting to the Acute Medical Unit and the Accident & Emergency Department at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. This is a short term support model to enable a person to recover from an acute illness in their own home and remove the need to admission to hospital. For those patients who access the service, it is planned that they will at least resume their pre-illness level of functioning following the provision of the short term support. If patients cannot access and receive this service, they would likely be admitted and remain in hospital.


Back Row (L to R): Gordon Ellis (Frailty ANP), Karen Goudie (Nurse Consultant), Alex Bann (Frailty ANP), Rona Young (Frailty SN), Rhona Lyttle (Frailty SN), Nicola Weir (Assistant Frailty Practitioner) Front Row (L to R): Loretta Comer (OT), Ailsa Williams (Specialist OT), Lauren Stenhouse (Specialist PT), Louise Kellichan (Team Lead)

Front Door Support Discharge Service Team

An assessment will be completed by a health care professional from the Front Door Discharge team to assess what support is right for you.  You cannot access this service directly.

The service has operated well since it was established and has achieved positive outcomes for those patients who accessed the service and removed the need for unnecessary hospital admission.