Older people generally wish to be able to carry on doing the activities they have been used to doing throughout their adult lives, including forms of physical activity in a leisure pursuit, albeit they perhaps now have a condition or disability that limits them and require some support to enable them to continue to do so. By working ever closely with the Third sector and local facilities such as leisure centres, cafes and community groups there are more alternatives to help lift older people out of isolation. Traditional forms of day care remain available where needed.

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Case study:

Mr A*

Mr A* is an 86-year old widower. He has led a very active life and although frailer than he used to be, Mr A wanted to be able to go cycling, bowling and swimming again. Mr A has been taking part in a health programme offered through Fife Sports & Leisure Trust and both Mr A and his daughter are very happy with the support which sees him pursue his chosen activities rather than attending day services.