Anti stigma campaign

In March 2017 we supported the launch of the ‘Walk A Mile’ campaign. This was the third in a series of three mental health anti-stigma campaigns which include ‘Power of OK’ and ‘Pass the Badge’ all of which are run in association with See Me, Scotland’s programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination and Fife Council’s Bums Off Seats initiative.

Fife’s first ‘Walk a Mile’ event consisted of two simultaneously coordinated walks which took place at Stratheden Hospital and Silverburn Park, Leven with a total of 84 miles walked by people living with mental health conditions, carers, mental health professionals and members of the public. The ‘Pass the Badge’ campaign will continue to be passed throughout Fife and the Power of Okay will continue to promote on a very personal level that it is ‘okay’ to ask someone how they are and that showing that you care can change someone’s life.

The links between physical activity and positive mental health are well known. The annual anti-stigma football match led by the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) was launched in 2016 as part of the drive to support children and young people’s mental health and well-being.

“We all have mental health and this is a message that young people need to hear and understand in Fife. Young people will be better placed to deal with mental health issues with an increased understanding and information available at an earlier stage of their lives. We hope our football tournament will encourage young people in Fife to open up about their mental health.” Ross Reilly, SAMH Community Peer practitioner