Change projects

The Strategic Plan is the blueprint for change and sets out our priorities for 2016-19. The Plan is driven by law and national and local policy, where the purpose is to meet the needs of people now and in the future. The aim is to make better use of new technology and work within the  financial and workforce resources available to tackle inequalities and offer early interventions.  We are putting the person at the heart of our services so care can be wrapped around their needs and that of their family or carer.

Our programme of work has four key themes:

Change of this scale and nature has never been seen before. Working alongside the people of Fife we are starting to modernise services and bring healthcare professionals and the public closer together in new ways as well as use public funds wisely. Ultimately it is this approach which will improve people’s experience of health and social care and help meet their desire to live long and healthy lives in their own home.