Seen Something? Hear Something? Say Something.

If you think an adult is being harmed or at risk of being harmed it is important that you report your concerns. 

Residents of Fife are being urged to act if they think an adult is being harmed, neglected or taken advantage of. The Fife Adult Support and Protection Committee (ASPC) is supporting National Adult Protection Day on 20 February 2021.  The purpose of Adult Support and Protection Day is to raise awareness of the ways in which some adults experience harm or abuse and to encourage people to act if they suspect this is happening to someone they know.

This year the focus is on financial harm and mate crime.

Is your friend really a friend, or a freeloader?  Mate crime is when someone targets an individual to become their friend but with the intention of taking advantage of them or exploiting them.  Someone pretending to be your friend for their own benefit may take your food or money without your consent, bring strangers to your home without your permission, or hurt you.  That’s not a real friend.

Alan Small, Independent Chair of Fife ASPC said: “Harm and abuse can affect anybody, but adults who can’t look after themselves or find it difficult to stand up for themselves may be at greater risk due to their personal circumstances, or because of a physical or learning disability, illness or infirmity.  We all have a responsibility to look out for people in our communities. Everyone has the right to a life free from harm. If you suspect an adult is at risk of harm, then report it by calling Fife Adult Protection Phone Line on 01383 602200.”

If you’ve seen something or heard something that makes you think someone you know is at risk of harm, it is important to say something.

For more information, visit and listen out for our infomercials on Kingdom FM throughout the month.

You can also follow the Twitter hashtags #AdultProtection #SeenSomethingSaySomething’.

Are you ready for Winter?

The festive period will be very different for everyone this year and it might feel overwhelming. It can be difficult to deal with extra stress and keep yourself well. Coronavirus restrictions and festive closures may mean the places where you get support at other times of the year are not available or have different opening hours.

This is why the Adult Support and Protection Committee in partnership with Fife Alcohol and Drug Partnership have created a handy guide to help people cope over the festive and winter periods.

The ‘Staying Safe and Keeping Well’ booklet contains useful tips and information which anyone in Fife can use when trying to cope with difficult times.  The booklet is another step by the Adult Support and Protection Committee in their continuing effort to raise awareness of support available in the Kingdom and ensure people stay safe and well, now and throughout the rest of the year.

Remember you are not on your own. There are many reasons some people need just a bit more of a helping hand, and we want you to know that in these uncertain times it’s ok to reach out for support.

The information is downloadable as a 36-page booklet from

All Adult Protection information is online at:  To report harm, call the Adult Protection Phone Line on 01383 602200.

Staying safe and keeping well

The Christmas and New Year period will be different for everyone this year and it might feel overwhelming. It can be difficult to deal with extra stress and keep yourself well.

We’ve produced a handy booklet with lots of information and advice on how to stay safe and well. The booklet also includes details of organisations and opening hours over this period, as due to covid restrictions and festive closures timings may differ.  Pleas call the organisation first before visiting to confirm arrangements.

Stay safe and keep well.

Carers – supporting you to care for others

Carers across Scotland do an amazing job at caring for family members, friends and neighbours. The number of unpaid carers has increased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic with almost 1.1 million carers throughout Scotland.

We want to make sure our carers in Fife feel supported.  The Scottish Government has launched a new Carer’s Wellbeing campaign encouraging carers across Scotland to seek the emotional and practical support that will help them to look after themselves.  We also have a number local measures in place to support unpaid carers.

For more information on the national campaign please visit or call 0800 011 3200 (lines open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). For all the information on what’s available across Fife please visit

Do you have a Power of Attorney?

Today is national Power of Attorney day.

Families across Scotland are being encouraged to arrange a Power of Attorney (PoA) on behalf of their loved ones.

In the event of an illness or accident a PoA is a legal document allowing a nominated person to act or make decisions on a family member’s behalf.

Every year thousands of people across Scotland lose capacity. You can plan for your future by appointing someone with Power of Attorney.

If you are in hospital or a care environment or your own home, no one can act for you – pay bills, manage your welfare or make key decisions unless you have made your plan.

Think and act now.

For more information about about Power of Attorney please consult a lawyer or visit  Some people may be eligible for a free service.

Prescription Delivery Services – update

The collaborative working by Fife Voluntary Action, Community Pharmacies and the Partnership provided a valuable prescription delivery service during the height of the pandemic.

The demand for this service over recent months has reduced. We recognise that some of the most vulnerable and elderly in our communities may still need this service and the Fife Health & Social Care Partnership’s Community Support Team and Fife Council’s Contact Centre have organised a smaller service to help with deliveries for people who may still be in a position that they can’t get out of the house and have no-one to pick up prescriptions for them.

To access this service please call:
Fife Council Covid Community Helpline on 0800 952 0330. The phone line is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Please note – this service is only available for those who can’t get out to collect a prescription or who don’t have family, friends or neighbours who can collect on their behalf.