Support from our partners

Partnership working is one of the core values which will drive our strategy forward. We recognise the valuable work that the voluntary sector does to support unpaid carers.  We also know that carers themselves are the experts in the care they provide and the cared-for person’s situation.  It is for this reason that we consider carers as equal partners in care with a voice that must be listened to and taken into account fully.  That’s where our partnership with carer organisations across Fife play the most valuable role, advocating on behalf of carers and supporting them in order that they can fulfil their potential.

Our strategy for carers is based on working in partnership with organisations and communities across the Kingdom. Through these partnerships, particularly with voluntary organisations, we will reach more parts of Fife, offer the right types of support to more people in locations that work for them best, and at times when they most need it.

Some of the support we offer is through our investment in independent services for carers throughout Fife. Organisations such as the Fife Carers Centre and Fife Young Carers will continue to play an important part in the mix of services that carers can have confidence in.