Partnership working is one of the core values which will drive our strategy forward. We recognise the valuable work that the voluntary sector does to support unpaid carers.  We also know that carers themselves are the experts in the care they provide and the cared-for person’s situation.  It is for this reason that we consider carers as equal partners in care with a voice that must be listened to and taken into account fully.  That’s where our partnership with carer organisations across Fife play the most valuable role, advocating on behalf of carers and supporting them in order that they can fulfil their potential.

Our strategy for carers is based on working in partnership with organisations and communities across the Kingdom. Through these partnership, particularly with voluntary organisations, we will reach more parts of Fife, offer the right types of support to more people in locations that work for them best, and at times when they most need it.

Some of the support we offer is through our investment in independent services for carers throughout Fife. Organisations such as the Fife Carers Centre and Fife Young Carers will continue to play an important part in the mix of services which carers can have confidence in.

Fife Carers Centre Logo

Fife Carers Centre will support carers in their caring role with relevant and straightforward information as well as practical help.  They give information and the means to use it to carers on a wide range of topics from applying for benefits to learning more about the condition affecting the person they care for.  Fife Carers Centre, in partnership with Fife Young Carers, also offer advocacy support specifically for carers.

Fife Young Carers Logo

Fife Young Carers supports children and young people aged 8- 25 years who look after someone in their family who is ill or has a disability.  It is a local charity committed to improving the support and information provided to young carers in Fife.  Fife Young Carers, in partnership with Fife Carers Centre, also offer advocacy support specifically for carers.

Homelands Logo

The Homelands Trust-Fife is an independent Fife based charity working to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by disability, people with life limiting conditions and their carers, through the provision of luxury holiday accommodation.

Crossroads Fife Logo

Crossroads Fife are a registered charity operating across Fife, providing high quality person centred support to carers who are caring for someone of any age with any disability or illness.  Support is provided in the form of Short Breaks for the carer from their unpaid caring situation.

Kindred Scotland logo

Kindred Logo

Kindred is for parents of children with complex needs. Kindred provides practical information, advocacy, emotional support and guidance.  We support families of severely ill and/or disabled children.

Respite Fife’s logo

Respite Fife is a small local charity providing short break respite care to adults with learning difficulties in ordinary domestic housing. Respite is provided within two bungalows in Kirkcaldy and two ground floor flats in Kinglassie.

Link Living Logo

LinkLiving Fife have three services that can help and support carers.  Their social cafes run by Older Persons’ service, in Torryburn and Rosyth.  Their carers’ Self-Help Project provides support for carers of children, young people and adults with autistic spectrum conditions living.  And their Fife Support team who provide respite to carers as part of LinkLiving’s Care at Home Service.

On-Your-Doorstep Fife Logo

On Your Doorstep Fife is a searchable database of community groups, organisations, information and support in local communities across Fife, including searchable information about support for carers across the Kingdom.

Citizens Advice and Rights Fife Logo

Citizens Advice and Rights Fife offer a wide range of support including specific income maximisation support for carers.  This will include advice and support to ensure carers are in receipt of all the benefits to which they are entitled, and supporting carers to identify and apply for charitable or benevolent funds to support non-eligible support costs.

Fife Voluntary Action Logo

Fife Voluntary Action (FVA) is the third sector interface for the Fife Council area.  They are an independent charity that receives funding from key public sector agencies to ensure the third sector is robust, resilient and delivers high quality services for the people of Fife.  They also coordinate the Creative Breaks Funding for carers in Fife from Shared Care Scotland.


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