This page contains links to help you navigate quickly to the information resources that are available in various locations on our web-site.  Each of these links will open in a new page.


Strategy and policy documents

Carers Strategy for Fife 2018 – 2021

Carers Strategy for Fife 2018 – 2021 Summary

Getting it Right for Young Carers in Fife

Getting it Right for Young Carers in Fife summary

Fife Eligibility Criteria

Short Break Service Statement for carers in Fife

The Carers Charter


General information leaflets for carers

The Coalition of Carers in Scotland produced this suite of ‘What to expect when…’   leaflets for and with carers.  Each has includes appropriate contact details for carers to get more information and advice.

1 – Adult Carer Support Plan

2 – Being assessed

3 – Short Breaks for carers

4 – The Carers Act

5 – Emergency Planning

6- Hospital discharge

7- SDS Options for Carers – Fife


Useful tools for carers

Fife Adult Carers Support Plan template

Emergency Plan – ENABLE Scotland

Emergency Planning Toolkit – ENABLE Scotland


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