Financial support

Caring for someone else can have an adverse impact on a carer’s finances. The cost of caring can be expensive and some carers are unable to take paid work opportunities due to their caring role.  It is important, therefore, to ensure the impact on carers is minimised as much as possible.

Fife Health & Social Care partnership has invested in an independent financial inclusion, money and welfare support service specifically for carers to help them to overcome these barriers.  Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF) is our chosen partner to deliver this specialist support.  The aim of this support is to ensure carers receive all the benefits they may be entitled to, and if necessary, to support and advocate on their behalf to appeal decisions which they feel are incorrect.  The service can also help carers to understand the financial benefits of taking paid work.

Our short video tells you how the support can work for you.

David Redpath, Business Development Manager with Citizen’s Advice and Rights Fife said, “We are delighted to be able to offer support to Fife’s carers. Our work with unpaid carers has shown us that sometimes they are challenged by the welfare benefits system and the additional costs that caring for someone can bring.  This partnership between CARF and Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership, means we can increase the offer of specialist support to carers who need it.  We are confident that, with our support, many carers will get those benefits they are rightly entitled to, feel more valued and be financially better off.

This support is free, and available for anyone who defines themselves as a carer.  The service supports carers in their experience as a carer and is in addition to other supports available to carers through other partners.

CARF’s significant experience of delivering income maximisation projects, working alongside both local and national organisations resulted in them being recognised for high standards of work and becoming the first CAB to receive National Standards Level 3 in benefits and money advice.

For information or advice, or to receive bespoke support from CARF contact them through their CARF website contact page or by calling using on of the phone numbers on their CARF phone contacts page or by calling 0345 1400 095.

In addition to the in-person support available from CARF, carers can access general information, advice and guidance using online tools including: