Free practical help

We want to make sure carers have access to the sort of help that makes the biggest difference to them. During our consultation in 2018 carers told us what they consider to be our priorities for improvement.  As well as high-quality information, there were four key things that carers said are important:

Fife Health & Social Care Partnership recognise that all carers may, from time to time, benefit from some support. Therefore, we have made investments in a diverse range of support that is available, free of charge, to all carers.  We call these universal services.

Some carers will have needs for support that cannot be met through universal support. Your Adult Carers Support Plan will explore what personal assets (networks and resources) you may be able to call upon to meet these additional needs for support.  Carers who meet the local Fife Eligibility Criteria threshold of critical may be entitled to receive additional tailored support too.