Support for unpaid carers affected by the Coronavirus emergency

During this challenging time the way support is delivered for unpaid carers has changed.  Most of our partners remain in place although how they are delivered will necessarily be different.  For more information follow this link.

General Information for carers

Are you an unpaid carer? Do you know someone who is?  Do you (or they) need a wee bit of support and advice ? 

Many people in Fife will care for a relative, friend or neighbour at some point in their life.   Some research suggests that as many as 70% of us will take an unpaid caring role at some time.  Some carers need information, advice and support to help them to manage their caring role.  There is a range of help available for you, as a carer, and for the person you care for.

Caring for another person can be a demanding and sometimes difficult.  It can help to get professional support and share experiences and ideas with other people in the same situation.

There is support available in Fife - to support what’s right for you, your family and the person or people you care for.

We can help you to:

  • Prepare an individually tailored carer support plan to help you manage your caring role and meet your personal outcomes.  This is called an Adult Carer Support Plan.  For young carers (generally under 18 years young) this is a Young Carers Statement.
  • Prepare an emergency plan in the event you are no longer able to continue with your caring role.
  • Refer you to specialist partner organisations who can provide advice and guidance on your caring role.
  • Advice on respite care so you can take a short break from caring.
  • Arrange for adaptations around the home of the person you care for.
  • Request an assessments of the care needs for of the person you care for such as for a home carer or meals on wheels.

Every carer has the right to an assessment of their need just as much as the person that they are caring for. If you would like more information then your local Social Work Office can help you.  The Fife Carers Centre can also help put you in touch with a range of services.

Fife’s mission statement for adult carers is:

“Carers will have access to high quality information at a time and place that best meets their needs, which enables them to make positive choices to thrive and flourish as a carer for as long as they want to, and to live a happy and fulfilling life alongside their caring role”.

Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 – a better way for carers.

In April 2018 an exciting new duty came into effect which will support carers - the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.  In Fife we have supported carers for many years.  The new duty puts more emphasis on helping carers to help themselves to thrive and live fulfilled and active lives alongside their caring role.  The Scottish Government has also published a Carers' Charter which explains your rights as an adult carer or young carer in Scotland.

As part of this new duty we have refreshed the Carers’ Strategy for Fife which shows how we will continue to support unpaid adult carers.  A summary of the strategy can be found here.

A separate strategy for young carers, who are under the age of 18 is also available - Getting in Right for Young Carers.  A summary is available here.

Making it better – our action plan for improvement

We asked carers how, and what, we can improve. They told us and we have listened.  Their feedback helped us develop an improvement plan as part of our new strategy in five key areas:

  • Better information and guidance for carers to help in their caring role.
  • More effective practical support including better coordination of care.
  • Having the opportunity to take short breaks from caring.
  • Help to get social support.
  • Help to achieve a better quality of life and balance of caring.

Our approach to supporting carers

Our approach to supporting carers

  • We have improved our model of support for unpaid adult carers.  This tiered approach will start by offering all carers access to general information through public and community facilities including through this web-site as well as at public libraries, GP Practices and health centres, for example.
  • We will work with local carer organisations to provide information and advice to carers with moderate or substantial needs.
  • For adult carers with critical needs, for whom the caring role will fail very quickly without additional tailored support, we will offer a free adult carer’s support plan assessment to identify what might help them to meet their needs for support.

Whichever level of support is required, carers will always be at the centre of the planning and delivery of support to get the best outcomes to meet their identified personal needs.

Want to know more?

In these web-pages you will find more information about the sorts of support that is available and how we will help you in your caring role, how and from whom you can get further support and hear stories from other carers about what difference getting help has made for them. You can also find the full Carers’ Strategy for Fife, information about the partners we work with and general information from some of Scotland's leading carer organisations.

 Getting in touch

If you would like to find out more about our approach to supporting carers visit more information, or to share your views, please e-mail