This service was introduced as a direct result of engaging with 50 carers and individuals. The service is available for anyone, where the person they care for is currently in Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. The service can be accessed at any point during a hospital admission and no appointment is necessary.

Help includes advice and assistance with welfare benefits, information on what other services may be available for the carer or the person they care for, or just to provide a listening ear.

“Having Sandra from the Carers Service at the Victoria Hospital step into my life was like a light bulb going on in a very dark tunnel. The difference, even in the first few weeks is immeasurable. It’s like a balloon deflating as she navigated the forms, found out my entitlement to allowances, and helped arrange carers and importantly she said “I hear you”. This is powerful and goes way beyond just support. It’s personal. I realised that I too was entitled to have ‘me’ time. I urge anyone who is in a carers’ role to take up the help available. It’s the difference between struggling and having a life to live.”
Jacqui Towers, Carer