Partnership board

The Partnership’s Board is made up of representatives from Fife Council and NHS Fife as well as representatives for the public and partners.   This diverse group of individuals bring their unique talents, expertise and perspectives to the work of the Partnership in order to further our mission to improve the lives of those living in Fife.   

Cllr Rosemary Liewald is the current Chair of the Board. A full list of the Board Membership can be found here.

The term of the Chair is incremental, this year (2018) will be a three year cycle, with it rotating between Fife Council and NHS Fife.

Often referred to legally as the Integration Joint Board (IJB), it has legal responsibility for services delegated to it and is fully responsible for:

Board meetings are held in public every other month. In the spirit of openness and in an attempt to meet local people, the meetings are held at different venues throughout Fife. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe proceedings and at the Chair’s discretion may be invited to contribute comment.

These meetings have set agendas and the accompanying papers are uploaded online a week prior to the meeting.

View agenda items and minutes from the Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board