Fife Health and Social Care Partnership is to run the first pilot project to monitor the Scottish COVID-19 Programme. The programme is being run by Health Protection Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish

Helen Hellewell

Government and will monitor the COVID-19 infection in the Scottish population over the next few months.

The data gathered will be used for scientific modelling, political decision-making and social interventions that will help maintain the functions of the NHS.

Dr Helen Hellewell, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Associate Medical Director said: “We are delighted to have been asked to run the first pilot project in Scotland. The information we gather will allow us to continually review and plan our Covid response as we progress though the Coronavirus outbreak.  Here in Fife we have successfully established a Covid-19 community triage hub in Glenrothes and an assessment centre at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. They have been running for four weeks and the new monitoring process will look at the number of people who have mild or moderate symptoms of the COVID-19 infection.  It is important work that will help us eventually overcome the pandemic in Scotland.”