Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership is changing the way it works and delivers care to respond to the coronavirus emergency. Many staff are volunteering to be re-deployed into roles that will help provide vital support where it is needed.

Nicky Connor, Director of Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership said: “I can’t thank the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership staff enough for the amazing work they are doing to prepare us for the difficult weeks and months ahead. These are extraordinary times and it’s humbling to see so many staff go above and beyond to help when it is needed.

A huge thank-you also to the army of volunteers who have come forward from Fife Council. Council workers are helping boost our front-line staff and reach the most vulnerable people in Fife.

Seeing so many people coming forward is really uplifting and will make a huge difference – thank you all.”

She added “The safety and well-being of our staff, service users and volunteers is our top priority. We have the correct equipment including personal protective equipment (PPE) in place to follow the current Health Protection Scotland advice and Scottish Government guidance. This guidance is continually being updated and we will be keeping pace with these changes.

Our supply of PPE is monitored daily and there are processes in place to ensure we are kept informed of any shortages, so this can be addressed when necessary.”