Project You is a campaign running to promote the benefits of regularly taking time for yourself – ‘ to keep going sometimes you need to stop’.

Research has shown that over half of Fifers feel stressed. Life’s daily demands take a lot out of us and we need to find ways to take a break.

Over the next six weeks you will be able to access a wide range of practical advice on how to boost your mood and feel more in control.  By making time to go for a walk, have a blether with friends to switching off screens before bed can all make a difference.

For help and inspiration visit Project You.

Dr Frances Baty, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Fife Psychology Service said, “If we don’t make time to take care of ourselves, we can get stressed. And not only can stress cause health problems it can make day to day life that much harder, affecting how you sleep, your relationships and your mood.

“For this reason, it is important to give yourself a break and do things that help you rest and re-charge. This is not selfish, it’s important as it will help you feel much more equipped to deal with life’s demands, and ultimately feel more in control.”

Minster for Mental Health Clare Haughey said, “Juggling work, family life and other demands can make people feel like they are running on empty. This campaign is about telling people it’s ok to regularly take time for themselves.”

“The everyday pressures of life can be overwhelming and change can seem difficult. However, as this campaign highlights small changes such as moving more, making time to catch up with friends or family or taking a five-minute breather can make a difference.