This week we celebrate the magnificent role that unpaid carers play in our society. Unpaid carers play a major role in Fife.  One in every three people will be a carer at some time in their life.  Fife has more than 35,000 adult carers, that’s 10% of Fife’s entire population.  And nearly half of them spend over 20 hours a week caring for someone else.

We all need help from time to time. Carers are no different.  Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership has invested in new sources of support to help carers live a happy and fulfilled life alongside their caring role.  Central to this is the offer to create an individual Adult Carer Support Plan with carers.

Morna Fleming, the Carers’ Representative on the Health & Social Care Partnership Board and a former carer herself said, “I know from personal experience the significant commitment that carers give to support loved ones, family members and other members of their local community. Carers play an important role in Fife and have for a long time gone that extra mile to lend a hand.  But sometimes carers need a bit of support themselves.  Carers week provides us with a really good opportunity to raise general awareness of carers, to celebrate their hard work, and to support them.  As the carers’ representative on the Health & Social Care Partnership Board I know that carers voices needs to be heard.  With well over 35,000 Fifers identifying themselves as a carer, and at least the same number again who are providing care but do not identify themselves as a carer, Carers Week gives us the change to raise the profile, invite carers to come forward if they need some support, and thank all carers for their important contribution”.

For more information about the support that is available for carers in Fife visit the new the Health and Social Care carer website.