If you think an adult’s being harmed, get it checked out. It’s right to act on your instinct.

Fifers are being urged to act if they think an adult is being harmed, neglected or taken advantage of, says Fife Adult Support and Protection Committee (ASPC). The ASPC is supporting National Adult Protection Day on 20 February 2019, designed to raise awareness of how some adults are harmed or abused and encourages people to act on their gut feeling when they see things that point to that happening to someone they know. Harm and abuse takes many forms; physical, psychological, financial, sexual harm, neglect and self-harm but there are signs and clues that indicate something’s happening.

Alan Small, Independent Chair of Fife ASPC said: “People often have an instinctive feeling that someone is being harmed or is at risk; a sense that something is not right. By acting on this, and calling Fife Adult Protection Phone Line on 01383 602200 the person at risk could get support and become safe from harm.
We know sometimes people don’t want to get involved, for fear of being seen to intrude on other’s privacy or that they might be wrong about the situation. But it is vital to raise your concerns. And it is safe to do – you don’t need to provide your personal details; the Social Work Service will check the situation sensitively, and support will be given, if needed.
“Harm and abuse can affect anybody, but adults who can’t look after themselves or find it difficult to stand up for themselves may be at greater risk due to their personal circumstances, or because of a physical or learning disability, illness or infirmity. We all have a responsibility to look out for people in our communities.
“The message is simple – if you think an adult is at risk of harm and something feels wrong, you’re right to get it checked out. If you’ve seen something, say something. For more information, visit fifedirect.org.uk/adultprotection or follow our stories about how adult protection intervention has had a positive outcome, on the Fife Council Facebook page.