Today is Time to Talk day, which is being led in Scotland by See Me, the programme to end mental health discrimination, aims to get people all over the UK starting meaningful conversations on mental health. Fife Health and Social Care Partnership are working to provide help and advice on mental health issues in a number of ways.

Fife is one of the national pilot areas for Health & Work Support which provides specialist support for people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace. Health and Work Support is a single point of contact for people who live and work in Fife. It allows people with a health issue or a disability who are struggling to stay at work or recently unemployed, to get fast access to support. Employers have an important role to play and the service can help with policies and procedures, mental health training for managers and other workers, and provide lots of resources and information. Everything is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. To find our more contact the Health and Work Support Service on 0800 019 2211 or visit

Calum Irving, See Me director, said: “Less than half of us feel comfortable speaking about our mental health, especially when we’re struggling. The fear of being judged, or even discriminated against in work, at school, or when asking for help, stops people reaching out.
“But conversations have the power to change lives, however they take place, whether face to face, over the phone, or on social media using #TimeToTalk.”
Time to Talk Day is UK-wide, with Time to Change in England partnering with See Me in Scotland, Change Your Mind Northern Ireland and Time to Change Wales.

Malcolm Joss is an Fife Health & Social Care occupational therapist and Case Manager who conducts workplace assessments added: “Health and Work Support is a free and confidential service for people living and/or working in Fife. We support people at work who are struggling with their physical or mental health. We complete a full holistic assessment and together with the client, identify a plan which may include referral to physiotherapy or psychological therapies. We can also offer workplace assessments and plans to help the employee remain at work without having to take time off.

Listen out for Health and Work Support information on Kingdom FM radio all this week.

To make it easier for adults in Fife to obtain psychological help for common emotional problems a new website has recently been launched, Access Therapies Fife

Health and Social Care partners in Fife are also coming together to develop a shared Work and Wellbeing Strategy and emphasise the important need to Just Ask and Just Talk.