A first for Glenrothes – The Well

From left Leslie Bain, John Mills, Dr Helen Hellewell, Cllr David Graham, Fiona McKay, Michael Kellet

Tuesday saw the launch of The Well in Glenrothes town centre. The Well is a place where people can go for health and wellbeing information – held weekly on Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm, at the Glenrothes Area Residents Federation (GARF) shop in the Kingdom Centre.

Fife health & social care staff, housing staff and representatives from the voluntary sector joined together for the launch to provide information to the local community on ways to stay well and healthy and to live independently.

Local GP and Chair of the Glenrothes Health & Social Care Locality Planning Group Dr Helen Hellewell officially opened The Well said, “We have listened to our local community, staff and community organisations. Working together in partnership to deliver the support that people need, whether that is information about equipment to stay safe at home, a befriending service, a housing query or support information if you have been diagnosed with cancer, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at The Well will be on hand to help.

John Mills, Head of Housing, Fife Council added, “Housing’s major focus as part of the Health & Social Care Partnership is to ensure access to good quality, affordable housing, and to sustain tenants and residents in their own homes for as long as possible. By 2022 300 properties will be built in Glenrothes for people with larger families, people with sensory impairment, and for homeless people. The Glenrothes Area Housing Team and local housing officers will support The Well by being part of the conversation and taking early action to help tenants and other residents.”

Cllr David Graham said, “I know there is remarkable community spirit across the communities of Glenrothes and there are many local people and community organisations already doing great work in their communities, GARF is a great example. The energy and enthusiasm of everyone has been incredible which will be of great benefit to the community.”

“Glenrothes Area Residents Federation is delighted to be working in partnership with the Health and Social Care Partnership to see The Well come to Glenrothes as it now gives a one stop shop for information not only on housing matters but health also. We see this as key to the wellbeing of all in the Glenrothes area”, added Leslie Bain, Secretary, Glenrothes Area Residents Federation.

For more information on this initiative and the work being done to connect with local communities visit: www.fifehealthandsocialcare.org/your-community/

Wine o’ clock? Just one more?

  • Sound familiar? These can lead to unhealthy habits with drinking. Alcohol is often used a stress-reliever for daily pressures as well as a way to socialise with friends and family or network with colleagues.  Drinking more than the recommended amount can lead to long-term health conditions (alcohol is the second biggest risk factor for cancer after smoking). 1 in 4 people in Scotland drink more than 14 units per week (Scottish Health Survey, 2017). This is classed as a hazardous/harmful level of alcohol consumption

Cutting down on drink can reduce the risk of health problems and help you to look and feel better. This November let’s drive conversation about alcohol, signpost those who may need support and call for change so fewer people are harmed by alcohol.

Alcohol Awareness Week runs 19 to 25 November and this year’s theme is ‘Change’.

Change is necessary
In Fife there have been 2344 stays in hospital due to alcohol in one year and an average 62 deaths per year.

Change is possible
We can start by making changes in our own lives. Many people are unsure about how much they drink on a weekly basis, whether this is too much and what impact it may be having. If you are worried about your drinking, here are some tips for healthy drinking:

  • Have at least two alcohol free days every week
  • Know your units and stick to recommend daily guidelines: 3 units (women) and 4 units (men)
  • Keep a diary of what you are drinking
  • Ask for help if you need it

Throughout the week the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership is promoting alcohol awareness week in pharmacies across Cowdenbeath and Leven, and at Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy, Fife House and Rothesay House, Glenrothes, Levenmouth Council Offices, Leven Job Centre, Kirkcaldy Town House, Addiction Services and The Wells.

In Fife there are a number of support services to anyone who feels they need help for themselves or someone they know:

  • Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) – FASS delivers confidential alcohol counselling and psychotherapy service for Fife residents.- www.fassaction.org.uk  Call: 01592 206 200
  • Addaction– Support and advice for adults who are experiencing problems related to their own or someone else’s drug or alcohol use-www.addaction.org.uk  Call: 01592 601 909
  • Alcohol Concern– Help and advice if you are concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking-www.alcoholconcern.org.uk  Call: 0800 917 8282
  • Al Anon– Family group meetings available in Dunfermline, Cupar, Kirkcaldy, St Andrews- www.al-anonuk.org.uk  Call: 020 7403 0888
  • Addictions Fife Alcohol and Drug Partnershipwww.fifedirect.org.uk/fifeadp  Call: 03451 555 555 ext 446153
  • Alcoholics Anonymous– Meetings in Fife – www.aafife.net
  • Call: National: 0800 917 7650                                        Local: 0131 225 2727 (both 24 hours)
  • Drinkline Scotland www.drinksmarter.org  Call: 0800 7314 314 (8am-11pm)
  • DAPL – Drugs Alcohol Psychotherapies Ltd – DAPL offers one to one counselling, support, information and advice to individuals and families who are affected by substance use and live within Fife. www.dapl.net/  Call: 01333 422277


The Well at Glenrothes – A new health and social care info hub

A new one-stop-shop for health and social care services information is being launched in Glenrothes on Tuesday 20 November 2018. Fife Health and Social Care Partnership along with the Glenrothes Area Residents Federation (GARF) are inviting local people to pop in and find out more at the GARF shop unit at 4 Marchmont Gate in the Kingdom Shopping Centre from 2-4pm.

The Well at Glenrothes will have a variety of information stands with community representatives, staff from the voluntary sector and others from across health and social care who are ready to chat and help local people with whatever matters to them. 

Cllr David Graham Health and Social Care Spokesperson said: “Fife Health and Social Care Partnership will be working with local communities throughout Fife to create The Wells.  The Wells are access points for people to drop in and have a chat with health and social care staff, supported by partners in the 3rd sector and housing staff who will provide information and help to identify support in their local area.”

He added: ” The Wells will also be a place where local community groups and voluntary organisations can meet members of the public and discuss the support they are able to provide. This could range from how to find out about a care home, equipment to help you or a relative to live safely at home through to befriending or joining an interest group to keep you active. I encourage everyone in the Glenrothes area to drop-in and find out more.”

Dr Helen Hellewell, Chair of Glenrothes H&SC Locality Planning Group,  will open the event with John Mills, Head of Housing Services for Fife Council and Ian Robertson, Chair for Glenrothes Area Residents Federation.

Following the launch, The Well at Glenrothes will be open every Wednesday at the GARF shop unit in the Kingdom Shopping Centre, Glenrothes between 11am and 1pm.

 The initiative is part of Fife Health and Social Care Partnership’s work to connect with local communities.  To find out more visit: www.fifehealthandsocialcare.org/your-community/

Health and social care integration – progress update from Audit Scotland

Here’s the latest update from Audit Scotland on how the health and social care integration is going.

Health and social care integration – update on progress (Nov 2018)

The report states that there has been progress but there are still significant challenges and success will depend on integrated financial planning and stable effective leadership.

The report also sets out recommendations on what is required to make a meaningful difference to the people of Scotland and for all partners at a local and national level need to work together to deliver the health and social care services.


Access Therapies Fife – launch of new mental health website

One in four of us in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year – and the most common mental health difficulties are stress, anxiety and depression. To make it easier for adults in Fife to obtain psychological help for common emotional problems we’ve launched a new website, Access Therapies Fife.

Research has shown that people can really benefit from attending courses and working with groups to learn new skills to manage stress, anxiety, low moods or how to become more confident and assertive – these changes and skills can lead to improvements in mental health. Taking this first step by using the help and advice tools available may also avoid the waits sometimes associated with going through your GP or another health professional.

What does the website offer:

  • Courses – Step on Stress, Back on Trac, Assertiveness and Improving Well-being – these courses help to focus on the relationships between thoughts, behaviours and feelings and how to deal with these.
  • Change Up – a weekly therapy group which helps people overcome a range of emotional problems.
  • Self-help options.
  • Information on local support and resources.

All courses and groups are held across Fife and run regularly throughout the year.

This new website will make it easier and quicker for adults across Fife to access high quality psychological help – the options available are important additions to the psychological services provided in Fife,” said Dr Frances Baty, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Adult Health Psychology, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership

At the launch of the new website at Lynebank Hospital, Julie Paterson, Divisional General Manager (Fife-wide), Fife Health & Social Care Partnership added, “Within the mental health service we hope to help people achieve their aspirations, while offering help when they need it. This website is a significant development in psychological therapies through self-referral and builds on our ambition to remove barriers that deter people from seeking help”.

For info:
Access Therapies website – https://www.accesstherapiesfife.scot.nhs.uk/


Dr Frances Baty| Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Adult Mental Health Psychology, Fife
Email| frances.baty@nhs.net

Hazel Williamson| Communications Officer, Health & Social Care Partnership
Email| hazel.williamson@fife.gov.uk

Getting it right for young carers in Fife

The ‘Getting it Right for Young Carers in Fife’ strategy reflects the partnership work of all Children’s Services, working together to support young carers in Fife.

On 1 April 2018 the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 (the ‘2016 Act’) was enacted. This updated version of the 2015 Fife strategy for young carers aligns itself directly with the Act and is also aligned to the carer’s strategy for unpaid adult carers in Fife.

The most important aspect of this strategy is that it reflects the views, hopes and aspirations of young carers in Fife and gives them an opportunity to shape and influence how they are supported and how services are delivered to them.

Getting it right for young carers in Fife (2018-2021)