CLEAR Buckhaven is the latest local charity to benefit from health and safety training.

It has been a team effort with the charity working with Health and Social Care Partnership’s Health Promotion Service and Fife Council’s Environmental Health, Food and Workplace Safety Team to deliver training which improves knowledge on health and safety and wellbeing issues in the workplace. Course trainer Peter Ager commented, “Health and safety legislation requires workplaces to have access to health and safety advice irrespective of size and the main aim of this training is to help workplaces have better knowledge. There are many small organisations with limited resources but still need a greater understanding of health and safety matters and how to apply these in the workplace”.

Councillor David Graham, Spokesperson for Health and Social Care Partnership was on hand to congratulate and present the staff with their Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) Elementary Health & Safety certificate.

“Research has shown that ‘good work is good for you’ and the health and safety environment is a key component in addressing health inequalities in the workplace. I am pleased that the company also recognises the value this brings by encouraging and training their staff on health and safety matters and helping to strengthen safety knowledge and awareness in the workplace.”

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