NHS Fife has today approved the use of a new technology that will help Type-1 patients monitor glucose levels.

Freestyle Libre is an electronic device that uses a small sensor placed on the back of the arm to monitor blood glucose levels, and acts as an alternative to regular finger prick blood glucose testing.

The new technology was approved by NHS Fife at its Board meeting at the Victoria Hospital on Wednesday 26 Sept and could benefit up to 1,000 patients across Fife.

Medical Director, Dr Frances Elliot, said:
“The approval of this glucose monitoring device is great news for diabetes patients, especially those who have to regularly inject insulin throughout the day.

“Blood glucose control is crucial in the management of diabetes and significantly reduces the risk of associated complications such as eye, kidney, nerve and heart disease.

We have been looking to make Freestyle Libre available to patients in Fife since the publication of advice from the Scottish Technology Group in July and since then it has been making its way through the necessary governance committees, with both ourselves and the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership. I am delighted to that it will now be made available to diabetes patients in Fife.”