New electronic diabetes technology

NHS Fife has today approved the use of a new technology that will help Type-1 patients monitor glucose levels.

Freestyle Libre is an electronic device that uses a small sensor placed on the back of the arm to monitor blood glucose levels, and acts as an alternative to regular finger prick blood glucose testing.

The new technology was approved by NHS Fife at its Board meeting at the Victoria Hospital on Wednesday 26 Sept and could benefit up to 1,000 patients across Fife.

Medical Director, Dr Frances Elliot, said:
“The approval of this glucose monitoring device is great news for diabetes patients, especially those who have to regularly inject insulin throughout the day.

“Blood glucose control is crucial in the management of diabetes and significantly reduces the risk of associated complications such as eye, kidney, nerve and heart disease.

We have been looking to make Freestyle Libre available to patients in Fife since the publication of advice from the Scottish Technology Group in July and since then it has been making its way through the necessary governance committees, with both ourselves and the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership. I am delighted to that it will now be made available to diabetes patients in Fife.”

Localities newsletter – check out the latest news in our communities

Welcome to our first localities newsletter.  This first edition begins with an overview of what we want localities to achieve, explains more about integration and the services in scope within Fife and provides an overview of work currently underway.

Future editions will focus on the agreed priority projects underway in localities, as we move forward from planning to delivery.

We hope you enjoy.

Locality Planning newsletter August 18

What’s happening with health and social care services in Fife?

Update from Michael Kellet, Director, Health & Social Care Partnership on the key items discussed at the Integration Joint Board on 30 August.

It has been another busy month with a lot of great work developing as we build on improving health and social care services in Fife.

Well done to:

Colleagues at Glenrothes Hospital who picked up the Dementia Friendly Award from Alzheimers Scotland and to senior charge nurses Kerry Lowe and Gillian Grubb from Stratheden Hospital who have been shortlisted in the upcoming Scotland Dementia Awards 2018 – we wish them both well, but win or not, we are very proud to the work they do.

Embracing technology is reaping dividends for the Care at Home Service

The Care at Home team and BTS (Business Technology Solutions) are now using a Total Mobile solution to help transform care at home. This new system which automatically schedules and tracks appointments has reduced the number of delayed visits to our clients, improved scheduling, increased capacity without increasing staffing levels which has ultimately improved the services for our customers and positive feedback from the team using it. More info.

Joining Up Care update

The public consultations workshops and staff sessions continue to roll out throughout Fife. There’s still time for everyone to get involved and join the discussion on health and social care services in Fife. For all the details please visit Joining Up Care.

Primary Care Improvement Plan

The Board gave their full support to the three year care plan which will help to identify developments needed to support a sustainable service for Fife – incorporating support for GPs and their teams to promote healthy lives and deliver full community-based health care. More info.

Delayed discharge success

Fife was the worst in Scotland for delayed hospital discharge figures – but not anymore, thanks to the fantastic work the teams have done to improve this figure Fife is now the best in Scotland. This has been done by colleagues working differently, linking in more and joining up services – a big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

Reducing health inequalities is a key outcome for the partnership

The gap between those with the best and worst health and wellbeing still persists – and in some cases the gap is widening. The Board discussed the practical themes and actions that we should be thinking about to help reduce these inequalities and all agreed this will remain a key area to progress to achieve this key priority. More info.

New build affordable housing – catering for clients with specific housing needs

The Board discussed in detail the need to improve joint working between Housing and the Partnership to improve accommodation that will meet the specific needs of our clients and having best fit accommodation to cater for a range of needs. All agreed that this joined up working will be beneficial to progress. More info.

A full note of the meeting will be available shortly.

Next update will be available after the Integration Joint Board on Wednesday 24 October.