With the big thaw now on, work to keep vital health and social care services going doesn’t stop.


As we head into the sixth day of adverse weather, Cllr David Graham, Fife Council Health and Social Care spokesperson underlines the lengths that workers across Fife Health and Social Care Partnership have gone to:


The response, resilience and sheer determination of hundreds of workers and partners has been unprecedented.  Office workers, cleaners, drivers, all the health and social care teams alongside communities, friends, families and local businesses have rallied together to support each other and ultimately the most vulnerable across the Kingdom.


Across Fife, folk have walked miles through blizzard conditions, offered their 4 by 4 vehicles, worked very long hours, volunteered to come in on their days off to cover shifts and much, much more.  Phenomenal levels of kindness, comradeship and putting the needs of service users and patients above all else have been shown, epitomising the dedication which sits at the heart of care services and workers each and every day.  These extreme circumstances just brings it to the fore.


Our partners from the voluntary and independent care services have also played a huge part, going above and beyond in their response to support staff and deliver care.


Although the thaw is starting, the sheer volume of snow is still making access difficult in some areas of Fife.  Contingency plans to ensure vital services are kept going are being actioned and the dedication of teams continues.  I am immensely proud and thank each and every person for all they have done.  They are absolute stars.

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