Care At Home Win Innovation Award

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership’s Care At Home service won the Success Through Innovation Award at this year’s Fife Business Awards.

Their submission told the story of the roll out of Total Mobile across Fife, where the use of cutting edge technology led to real improvements in the scheduling of home care appointments.

All 900 Home Carers have been issued with smart phones and can now see their daily rotas and respond to real time changes, all at the touch of a button.  The solution has been developed so that it is dynamic and flexible enough to respond to last minute rota changes.

Since its roll out just over a year ago, local teams are completing an average of 22,000 visits per week while the Service overall has generated more than 30% additional capacity to take on new service users through more efficient scheduling.

David Heaney, Divisional General Manager (East) with Fife’s Partnership said:  “I am delighted and extremely proud of everyone involved in bringing Totalmobile to Care At Home in Fife.   The Health and Social Care Partnership has worked alongside Fife Council’s Business Technology Solutions and Totalmobile, who provide the technical platform.  The knowledge, experience and creativity of staff has been key to developing this unique solution and the award is a testament to everyone’s hard work and resilience.  Everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved.”

Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile stated: “We’re delighted that Fife Health and Social Care Partnership have won the Success Through Innovation award. They set out with a clear objective of transforming care at home through the effective use of mobile technology. This award, as well as the significant benefits they are experiencing, shows that they have achieved this.”

Charlie Anderson, Head of ICT, Fife Council added: “It’s fantastic to see a solution which so directly improves our service delivery and supports our staff delivering highly-valued care services throughout Fife. The Totalmobile solution is a great example of how technology can be applied innovatively to meet the challenges Councils and partners face in delivering better public services in 2018.”

Cllr David Graham, Fife Council’s Health and Social Care spokesperson recognised the Care At Home service’s achievement:  “Congratulations to everyone in the Care At Home service.  It is a fantastic achievement and the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, all of which they show each and every day not just when it comes to taking their service forward for the future.  Well done everyone.  You are a credit to the service and the people of Fife.”

Fife Partnership Board Sets Budget

Members of the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Board have approved a budget for 2018/19 as part of a three year financial approach.

Proposals put forward included asking the Board to approve:

  • a three year financial approach to deliver a sustainable financial outcome for the future for the Partnership, and;
  • newly identified financial recovery savings totalling £7.47m in 2018-19

The budget paper presented highlighted a range of proposals which take into account the need to invest in the short term if long term savings as well as transformation of services is to be achieved.

In year savings as well as areas for development, which form part of the 3 year financial approach, include:

  • Initiatives to reduce medicine waste
  • Efficiency Initiatives
  • Seeking areas where savings can be made through procurement, such as best prices for purchasing of personal hygiene products.
  • Introducing an enhanced staff travel strategy using technologies and sustainable measure such as pool cars and car sharing.
  • Recruitment strategy and use of technologies to alleviate the need to use of agency for relief shifts whilst build a sustainable workforce for the future.  This will allow us to grow a bank of care staff allowing staff to voluntarily opt in for relief and reduce the pressure on schedulers.
  • Investment
  • To expand the Short Term Assessment and Review (START) team – a proactive care at home service which supports people to regain skills and confidence in their own home after being in hospital or recovering from injury such as a fall to ensure a sustainable homecare for Fife.
  • Development and implementation of a Tele-healthcare strategy to increase use of technology so that individuals can take more control over their own health and live independently in their own home for longer.

Simon Little, Chair of Fife Health and Social Care Partnership’s Board underlines the significance of the three year approach:

“Our challenge is to ensure we continue to deliver high quality care for the public and support for our workforce as we move through ever demanding times, whilst delivering a balanced budget, all within a timeframe that is realistic.  We are fully mindful that we must be open and honest with the public, users of services and staff as we make sustainable and long term change.

There is no quick fix but this three year approach provides a steady, controlled and structured approach, setting us on a road to delivering a balanced budget by the end of 2020/21.

It also takes away the restriction of a one year plan, enabling us to re-design services in conjunction with service users, patients, carers, families, staff and a range of Independent and Third Sector service providers so that together, the Health & Social Care Partnership and its partners, can move away from traditional models of care.  We will continue to ensure that every £1 from the public purse is spent wisely and responsibly to transform services to improve outcomes.  This is vital as we look to respond to people’s wishes to stay well and at home wherever possible.   As we move forward we will look for the opportunities that can be taken in the short, medium and long term.  Together, with users of services, carers and families at the heart of our decision making, our aim is to create new and sustainable models of care in communities now and in the future.”


The Carers’ Act is coming and Fife has been preparing

During January and February Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership consulted with unpaid carers before the introduction of the Scottish Government’s new Carers’ Act which comes into force from the 1 April 2018.

The Act introduces a range of new duties designed to support unpaid carers’ health and wellbeing and help make caring more sustainable in the future.

David Heaney, Divisional General Manager (East) with Fife Health and Social Care Partnership explains how the Partnership has been preparing and thanks everyone who took part in their consultation to develop a Carers Strategy for 2018-2021:

“Fife’s strategy must reflect and respond to unpaid carers needs.  The consultation actively sought carers’ input so whatever we do in the future is as effective and meaningful as possible.  This consultation was an opportunity for unpaid carers to have their voices heard and I would like to thank everyone who has taken part.

There were 258 responses received.  Some of the key themes and priorities that emerged were:

  • Providing easy to access information so carers have the means to make decisions about how to fit caring in with their other personal priorities.
  • Improving the consistency and speed of information from professionals to support caring and improving communications between professionals.
  • Help for carers to make plans for their future and also for carer emergencies.
  • To be more involved in decisions affecting caring and the person the carers care for particularly in advance of being discharged from hospital.
  • Having a greater role for advocates particularly from within the third sector.

We are now in the process of developing a Fife Carers Strategy and an action plan covering the next three years.  We will keep people up to date on our progress.”


Fifers needed to help shape local mental health and employment services

With compelling evidence showing a positive link between employment and mental health, Delivering Differently is an innovative new partnership approach, working to create a Fife where people with mental health problems can easily access appropriate support as and when they are ready to make the journey into work or back into work.

This comes at a time when mental ill health is now the dominant health problem amongst working age people. Fife’s Economic Strategy 2017-22 is committing to ‘more than double the number of people with mental health problems supported into work’.

At the same time the interconnection between health and employment outcomes is recognised as a priority within the new Plan for Fife, Fife’s Health & Social Care Strategic Plan and Fife’s Mental Health Strategy.

To help achieve these goals the Opportunities Fife Partnership and Fife Health & Social Care Partnership are working with Fife Voluntary Action and partners to review service delivery across sectors and identify ways that we can deliver services differently.

We are inviting people with lived experience of mental health problems to attend their local workshop to let us know about their experiences of both employability and/or mental health services.

These workshops are being designed and delivered in partnership with The Scottish Recovery Network.

The workshops will also be attended by staff that work in relevant services.

The workshops are free and informal.

Two will run in the evening and two offer free childcare.

Julie Paterson, Divisional General Manager (Fife-wide), Fife Health and Social Care Partnership says “Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership is committed to delivering local services designed for and by Fife’s communities and as a partner in the Delivering Differently project, would be keen to encourage people with lived experience to participate in the Delivering Differently workshops. This will be invaluable in helping to make a difference to supporting people affected by mental health issues and employment opportunities. ”

Robin Presswood, Head of Service for Fife Council Economy, Planning & Employability Services says “We are delighted to be a key partner in the Delivering Differently programme. It is a long-term vision of ours to significantly improve how we deliver employability services for people with mental health problems in Fife. Hearing from people with lived experience of mental health problems is critical to us achieving this goal.”

Kenny Murphy, Chief Executive of Fife Voluntary Action says “This is not a consultation on something that has already been decided. Delivering Differently is about hearing from the people that matter to better understand what is working well and how we can make services even better.”

There is a workshop near you:

Date Workshop Times Venue Notes
Thursday 15 March 1.15pm – 4.00pm Fife Voluntary Action, Volunteer House, 69-73 Crossgate, Cupar, KY15 5AS
Friday 16 March 1.15pm – 4.00pm Fife Voluntary Action, Craig Mitchell House, Flemington Road, Glenrothes, KY7 5QF
Wednesday 21 March 9.45am – 1.00pm Hayfield Community Centre, Hayfield Road, Kirkcaldy, KY2 5DG
Thursday 22 March 10.15am – 1.00pm The Center, 1 Broomieknowe, Life KY8 4QP
Thursday 22 March 5.45pm – 8.30pm Maxwell Centre, 70 Stenhouse Street, Cowdenbeath, KY4 9DD Evening
Friday 23 March 11.45pm – 2.30pm West Fife Enterprise, Forthview Learning Centre, Forthview Industrial Estate, Newmills, KY12 8TL
Monday 26 March 1.15pm – 4.00pm Lochgelly Centre, Bank Street, Lochgelly, KY5 9RD Free Childcare
Tuesday 27 March 10.15am – 1.00pm New Volunteer House, 16 East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1XT Free Childcare
Tuesday 27 March 5.45pm – 8.30pm Levenmouth Academy, Methilhaven Road, Buckhaven, Leven, KY8 1EA Evening
Thursday 29 March 1.15pm – 4.00pm Gillespie Church, 14 Chapel Street, Dunfermline, KY12 7AW


Booking is essential, contact David MacPhail on 0800 389 6046 for more information.

Invite to Dementia Friendly Steering Group 20 March 2018

Invite to attend the new Dementia Friendly Glenrothes steering group

As Glenrothes continues to work towards becoming a dementia friendly town, the Dementia Friendly Glenrothes project intends to step up its support by staging a participation and engagement group gathering on Tuesday 20 March at The Miner’s Welfare Club.

The Dementia Friendly Glenrothes project is a partnership between the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, the Glenrothes Area Committee, Fife Council and Alzheimer Scotland which aims to support people living with dementia to remain a valued part of their community.

The project is inviting people living with dementia, families and carers from across Glenrothes to come along on the night from 6pm-8pm, to the CISWO Building on North Street, to help shape the work of the project and to ensure that the voice of those living with dementia are heard and represented as the project gathers pace by involving more local businesses in their engagements.

Ruth McCabe, Dementia Friendly Project Manager, commented: “The aim of our dementia friendly community work is to make it easier for people living with dementia to be understood, valued and able to contribute to their community in Glenrothes. By staging this participation and engagement event we hope to engage with more families across the region who are living with dementia to help us shape our work which supports our mission that nobody should face dementia alone particularly in the communities where they live.”

For all those interested in attending the night and to find out more about the project please get in touch with Ruth McCabe from Alzheimer Scotland on Tel: 01592803800 or by Email: by 19 March. For businesses, services and community groups across Glenrothes who are interested in getting involved with the Dementia Friendly Glenrothes initiative please also contact Ruth Mccabe.



Severe Weather: Thank you from Michael Kellet, Director

The ferocity and intensity of the weather conditions that we’ve experienced over the last few days has been exceptional.  Thank you to all colleagues, partners, businesses, communities and the public for the tireless and continual effort throughout this most difficult time.

The heroic efforts have been unprecedented, with too many examples to mention in one go.   The response, resilience and sheer determination of hundreds of people has been unprecedented.  Across Fife, folk walked miles through blizzard conditions, offered their 4 by 4 vehicles, worked very long hours, stayed overnight in care facilities right across Fife, volunteered to come in on their days off to cover shifts and much, much more.

Phenomenal levels of kindness, comradeship and putting the needs of service users and patients above all else have been shown, epitomising the dedication which sits at the heart of care services and workers each and every day.  These extreme circumstances just brings it to the fore.

We’ve tried to share this as much as we can through social media channels and will be in touch with people and teams directly to express thank and acknowledge the invaluable contribution to keeping vital services going.   I am immensely proud of everyone who has contributed.  You are a credit to the Partnership and to Fife.  Thank you very much indeed.


Dedication of teams continue as big thaw begins

With the big thaw now on, work to keep vital health and social care services going doesn’t stop.


As we head into the sixth day of adverse weather, Cllr David Graham, Fife Council Health and Social Care spokesperson underlines the lengths that workers across Fife Health and Social Care Partnership have gone to:


The response, resilience and sheer determination of hundreds of workers and partners has been unprecedented.  Office workers, cleaners, drivers, all the health and social care teams alongside communities, friends, families and local businesses have rallied together to support each other and ultimately the most vulnerable across the Kingdom.


Across Fife, folk have walked miles through blizzard conditions, offered their 4 by 4 vehicles, worked very long hours, volunteered to come in on their days off to cover shifts and much, much more.  Phenomenal levels of kindness, comradeship and putting the needs of service users and patients above all else have been shown, epitomising the dedication which sits at the heart of care services and workers each and every day.  These extreme circumstances just brings it to the fore.


Our partners from the voluntary and independent care services have also played a huge part, going above and beyond in their response to support staff and deliver care.


Although the thaw is starting, the sheer volume of snow is still making access difficult in some areas of Fife.  Contingency plans to ensure vital services are kept going are being actioned and the dedication of teams continues.  I am immensely proud and thank each and every person for all they have done.  They are absolute stars.

St Andrews home carer finds new way to get to service users

Making sure prescriptions are received


Social care workers get bit of shopping in for elderly

Contact centre teams hard at work taking calls

The Troops. Snow story by care workers in East Neuk

Social Care worker Ann, captured the journey she and her colleagues made to support service users along the East Neuk. Thought we would share her pics and heart warming words with you. Yet another fab example of Fife’s #snowheroes Hope you enjoy!

Drifts as high as the car,
It’s getting really tricky,
Teams in St Monans and Anstruther House
Keeping people safe and warm till we make it – although not quickly!
Local farmers help us oot,
We made it. Susan celebrates – an angel (even she needs a hat) on what used to be a footpath
Great driving got us here – hooray, go on the troops!





Heroic efforts continue to keep services going

As Arctic conditions and snow blizzards continue to grip Fife, staff across all health and social care services continue to battle the ‘Beast from the East’ to keep vital services going.

Michael Kellet, Director, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership underlines the action being taken in the face of such severe weather:

Vital medicines delivery

“As we face continued extreme weather it is critical to balance safety and wellbeing of staff with the need to continue to provide essential services for now and into the weekend.   Safety is an absolute priority and we thank the public for their patience as we do all we can to ensure vital care continues both locally and across Fife.

Heroic efforts are being made by all those who make our health and social care services tick including:

Drivers and support staff walking miles to ensure essential deliveries such as medication reach vulnerable people in the community.

Social Care Business Support teams rally round

Staff from across catering and cleaning, contact centres, office cleaners and business support walking miles to get into their place of work to keep everything going day and night to support teams.

Staff from across podiatry, mental health, district nursing, community and acute hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries and social workers and many others walking miles or teaming up with colleagues and those they know with 4 x 4 vehicles to get where they need to go safely.


Hospital@Home team get a lift

Hospital at Home staff in Kirkcaldy for example are being transported by the team at Peter Vardy to reach their patients.

Home carers continue to do all they can to get to people both in urban and the most rural of places across the Kingdom.  Where the roads are impassable families, carers, service partner providers in the voluntary and independent sector and the good will from neighbours is being called upon to ensure checks on the elderly and vulnerable are made so they are kept warm, have a hot drink and a meal.

Social care workers get bit of shopping in for elderly


It is a fantastic show of team work, community and people pulling together.  But it is not over yet and as we move into the weekend we need to ensure we continue to protect all workers as well as those who need support and care.

Conditions are very challenging but we will continue to:

  • Organise and co-ordinate staff so they work in areas closest to where they live
  • Work with partners, including voluntary and independent sector within communities to deliver essential services and medicines.
  • Co-ordinate 4 x 4s wherever possible to take staff safely to their work where critical services are needing covered.”

We will keep monitoring the situation and urge everyone to stay safe.  For advice and to keep up to date visit:

  • Contact Fife Council on 0345 155 1503 if you haven’t seen or aren’t able to contact a vulnerable person you know and you are concerned.
  • Sign up for email or text alerts (
  • Adult Protection Helpline 01383 602200
  • Out of Hours Emergencies 03451 55 00 99
  • NHS 24 (24hr) 111
  • social media such as updates and health advice.