With the cold snap and snow storms over the weekend, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership staff have really been going the extra mile to make sure services continue to reach the most vulnerable.

Cindy Graham, Care At Home, Service Manager oversees the 900 strong home care workforce who brave the elements either on foot or by car each and every day:  “Where the snow has meant people can’t get to day care centres or other council services, staff have been going to them and making sure they have what they need to get through the worst of the weather.  In any given week we make around 22,000 visits. With the recent snow storms home carers have been working together with other social care partners and health teams to ensure we continue to respond to the needs of people in each local community.”


Caring for the most vulnerable is needed round the clock and as night falls, staff in the Mobile Emergency Care Service (MECS) provide a vital response to community alarm calls when friends and family, who are quite often themselves elderly and frail, are unable to come to the aid of a service user in difficulty.

Paula Edmonston, Community Alarm/Telecare  Manager, gives an insight into their work: “Community alarms and Telecare technology play a major role in helping vulnerable people retain their independence but it’s the team behind the service whose grit and determination in providing a lifeline for vulnerable people in Fife is being highlighted by current wintry conditions. As well as responding to alarm calls we’re also helping our colleagues in Home Care provide personal care to vulnerable people.”

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