It’s Day 3 of Carers Week:  If you have experience of being a carer, then Fife Health and Social Care Partnership want to hear from you.

Seven Health and Social Care Locality Planning Groups are being developed across the Kingdom.  These provide an opportunity for communities, professionals and individuals to come together to discuss the key health and social care issues affecting their community. The aim is to develop a local plan that has the voice and needs of the local community at the centre.

Scott Fissenden, Change and Improvement Manager is leading the work on developing a new Carers Strategy for Fife:

Involving carers at grassroots level is a key part as health and social care services plan service now and in the future.

Carers have told us that they feel they do not have a voice that is recognised and listened to as often as it should.

In the feedback to our recent carers strategy consultation earlier this year, one carer said that they want ‘the knowledge and skills they have acquired recognised and valued and to be treated as an equal partner in care.’  In short, they want to be involved in the way services are developed.

In response we are encouraging both paid and unpaid carers to come forward and join the local planning groups as a carer representative. It’s their opportunity to shape the future of services in their local area.”

Visit the Your Community section to find out more about the work going on across our seven locality areas.

If you are a carer and are interested in becoming a carer representative on our locality groups, please e-mail to register your interest.